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Automatic and easy swing doors| GRP Doors| Intelligent Doors

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

GRP Doors suitable for hygiene applications
MRC Doors: Hygiene GRP Doors

Unlike traditional metal doors, swing doors from #MRCDoors are made of #grp which makes it smooth, seamless and strong doors. These #grpdoors can withstand high amount of stress as well as cleaning regimes and doesn’t wear out as easily as metallic doors.

MRC Doors have built and supplied their ‘CLEAN Swing’ #grpdoors which has lasted for over 20 years from their installations. These #grpdoors can withstand heavy cleaning regimes and has lifelong validity of close to 25 years from day of installation.

The use of these #grpdoors is particularly suited to harsh environments, hygienic areas or applications subject to high levels of water and moisture.

MRC doors understands your specifications and designs doors that are custom made for each application .These #grpdoors range comes with automatic or manual options, GRP/ Aluminum frame and various other accessories and furnitures which are manufactured according to the clients own specifications.

These #grpdoors can be used in various applications like:

-Pharmaceutical and clean room facilities

- Hospitals- ICU , Isolation rooms, Wards

-Research universities, Labs- Preparation room, Chemical rooms

- Industrial and food processing

-Hotels, restaurants and Industrial kitchens

#MRCDoors’ product range includes Single Action Doors, Double Action Doors, Sliding Doors as well as PVC Roller shutters.

At #MRCDoors, we design doors that last. The search for your door supplier ends here!

Find out why #MRCDoors should be your first choice by visiting Or write to us at

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