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Choosing the right door|Industrial Door| Hygienic door

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Doors in environments like hospitals, universities and schools are continuously engaged due to high occupancy and rush. The doors and frames are subjected to elevated levels of impact and stress, sometimes even abuse due to which doors and accessories will quickly require attention if not specified correctly. Hence, choosing correct door hardware is a task and a serious business when it comes to these areas. How can #architects, #purchaser and #clients choose the right door which is both safe and secure.

Here are the few things to keep in mind while choosing a door solution ,


Doors in high impact areas are subjected to increased stress and this tends to ware out the doors and in turn stop the operation, hence the doors should be sturdy, durable and robust. #MRCDoors with its intelligent design and smooth construction makes it long lasting, easy to clean, ensures they do not harbor bacteria and are resistant to the continuous chemical cleaning regimes.

Industrial doors, GRP Doors, Hygiene Doors
How to choose right industrial doors?

Ease of Operation

Ease and speed of operations are another major criterion in case of these areas. Speed is critical in a hospital, where decisions need to be made in a jiffy. It is important that door solutions are designed with speed and efficiency also by keeping hygiene as the prime priority.


Safety and preventing incidents as well as complications are extremely important in hospitals and universities. In places like universities during busy hours people are checking in or out in large numbers so door solutions need to be carefully planned to ensure smooth people flow.

Fit to purpose

In some of these environments like hospitals, air flow control is a must and necessary to prevent contamination.This can be achieved by control of air flow with tight seals. Before choosing the door, one must ensure if it is a right fit and does it serve the actual purpose.

We define the right door solutions for your project by assessing your every need. We have designed #GRPdoors which lasted for 20 years on from their installation.

That is why at #MRCDoors, we build doors that last. The search for your #doorsupplier ends here!

Please visit our website for more details or you can also write to us at

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