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'CLEAN SLIDE' | GRP Sliding doors from MRC Doors

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Sliding Doors, GRP Doors, Hygiene Doors
Sliding Doors from MRC Doors

'CLEAN Slide’ is MRC Doors’ range of GRP sliding doors ideal for industrial environments where hygiene is a priority.

‘CLEAN Slide’ provides smooth, durable and effortless operation which makes it ideal choice for versatile industrial applications like:

• Hospitals and Vet- Clinics

• Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories and Cleanrooms

• University Research Facilities, Schools

• Spas, Swimming Pools and Leisure Centers

• Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets

• Warehouses etc

The #GRP sliding door range from #MRCDoors comes with automatic or manual options, GRP/ Aluminum frame, various accessories and furniture with respect to the requirement.

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