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Doors for food Industry| Maintaining Strict Hygiene Standards

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Hygiene Doors for food industry- super market, industrial kitchen and manufacturing
Doors for food industry

There is a lot of thought process that goes inside while constructing a food manufacturing facility. Maintaining ambitious standards of cleanliness when manufacturing products becomes the primary requirement. Food industry practices safe processing which involves complicated processes in this way, a high degree of hygiene is required in these areas where vigorous cleaning regimes are carried out.

MRC Doors’ hygienic doors are suitable to meet all the stringent requirements that food industry practices including that of FDA and GMP Standards.

These Hygienic doors can be used in:

  • Food Manufacturing companies

  • Supermarkets

  • Industrial Kitchen

MRC Doors are excellent at withstanding moisture and water which is an important criteria for food industry doors. These hygienic doors does not harbor bacteria or dust and can withstand extensive cleaning regimes persisting in food industry.

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