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GRP Doors-Swing and Sliding

In every area, the standards of hygiene is constantly rising. Whether it be hospitals, pharmaceuticals or even an industrial kitchen.These hygienic environments are continuously demanding higher standards of hygiene. MRC Doors' hygienic doors are manufactured from glass reinforced polyesters (GRP) and are perfect for environments with hygiene as main priority. These hygienic doors can be swing as well as sliding doors. There are also various accessories that are added according to clients requirements and inputs.

These hygienic doors can be used in areas of applications like:

  • Hospital Doors

  • Pharmaceutical Doors

  • Cleanroom Doors

  • Food & Beverages Doors

  • Industrial kitchen Doors

  • Retail Doors (hyper markets)

MRC Doors have experience of over 30 years in supplying GRP Doors to various clients across the globe.

That is why at #MRCDoors, we build doors that last. The search for your #doorsupplier ends here!

Please visit our website to know more details or you can also write to us at

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