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Healthcare Doors| GRP Doors| Hygienic Doors

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Healthcare doors from MRC Doors
Healthcare Doors

Demands of hygiene are extremely high when it comes to hospitals. One must be cautious while designing and choosing #hospitaldoors to prevent issues like cross contamination which can easily take place if #hygienicdoors are not specified properly. Hence, choosing the correct door hardware is of primary importance and a serious business when it comes to healthcare areas.

#MRCDoors' CLEAN SLIDE’ and ‘CLEAN SWING’ #healthcaredoors are designed by ensuring speed, safety, hygiene and ease of use . Critical emergencies cannot be predicted when it comes to #hospitals and staff may need to move through the halls and rooms quickly and easily – especially in the case of emergencies;hence the speed and ease of use are prime criteria when it comes to #hospitaldoors.

#MRCDoors are designed to prevent the exchange of copious amount of air and noise emissions into hospital rooms ,thereby ensuring no cross contamination. MRC Doors' #hospitaldoor range provides a hygienic, safe, secure and reliable door entrance system which can also withstand numerous cleaning regimes that are essential to prevent bacterial infections in hospitals.

#MRCDoors#hygienicdoors are designed to suit various healthcare applications like:

  • ICU rooms

  • Isolation Rooms

  • Laboratory Doors

  • Sterile and Preparation rooms

  • Operating Theatres

  • Emergency exit

Not every hospital has same type of layout and needs, that is why ‘MRC Doors’ design #hygienicdoors by understanding your every requirement.

At #MRCDoors, we build doors that last. Search for your door supplier ends here.

Please visit our website for more details : and in case of any queries please mail us at

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