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Sliding door systems for your Hygiene and Industrial facility

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

MRC Doors' hygienic sliding doors
Sliding Doors: GRP Doors

'CLEAN Slide’ is MRC Doors’ range of #GRP #hygienicdoors which are sliding in nature.

MRC Doors provide quality doors with wide variety of applications which adhere to strict hygiene standards.

Send across your #door queries to and get a #doorquote in less than a days time with absolutely no hassle.

‘CLEAN Slide’ #GRPDoors provide smooth, durable and effortless operation which makes it ideal choice for varied applications. These sliding door systems render superior performance and a clean, hygienic, well-sealing finish.

'CLEAN Slide’ #GRPDoors are used for versatile industrial applications like:

-Hospitals -ICU, Isolation rooms,Operation theatres

-Pharmaceuticals, Labs and Cleanrooms

-University Research Facilities, Schools

-Spas, Swimming Pools and Leisure Centers

-Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets

-Warehouses etc

The #GRP sliding door range from #MRCDoors comes with automatic or manual options, #GRP/ Aluminum frame, various accessories and furniture with respect to the requirement.Come and have a browse at our website

At #MRCDoors , we build doors that last. The search for your door supplier ends here!

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